Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Offensive" Children's Books

A survey of libraries has revealed how dozens of children’s books have provoked complaints from angry parents – accusing them of, among other things, racism, blasphemy, glorifying violence and poking fun at fat people.

Quentin Blake's Illustration Process

This is great - a video on Drawn of Quentin Blake demonstrating his process for illustrating books. 

It is wonderful to watch him work with the ink and watercolor. 

Sendak's Unreleased Drawings & Prints

From Maria Popova at Brain Pickings, Maurice Sendak's Unreleased Drawings and Intaglio Prints

Great stuff.

I love Brundibar. My parents gave it to Joseph at his birth. 

Thanks, Maurice.

From Steven Heller at the New York Times, Thanks Maurice

Mr. Sendak ... opened a rich vein of possibilities for other artists whom he inspired, and who created their own symbolic visual languages, with which they could tell two or more stories at once — one for the public, the other for the self.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Rest in Peace, Maurice.

How sad. 

Alligators All Around is one of Joseph's favorite books to look through.