Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vanitas Oil Painting

Oil isn't my strong point at present, but this is the most recent oil painting I've done worth showing.


Christopher McLaughlin said...

Yvette! I love it! Donkeys and elephants wrastling???

Do you remember the Christopher Hitchens - Chris Mathews interview when Jesse Ventura had announced his candidacy for president?

Mathews asked Hitchens whether he thought the American people could take serious a Jesse Ventura candidacy. He specifically asked Hitchens: "I mean here's a guy who's a wrastler... Can the American public takes his party for real?"

And without skipping a beat, Hitchens replied "I suppose it all depends on whether you think the American public takes donkeys and elephants wrastling for real"

Yvette said...

Thanks! I figured it was appropriate given the political landscape. What a great quote!