Saturday, October 27, 2007

Animal Court Framed


bnwied said...

Great drawing/painting!

I wonder what the case is about? Is the barrister mouse giving opening, closing arguments? Is it a criminal or civil trial? Are the animals in the background the jury or the crowd?

I think it is a boundary line dispute involving a hedgehog and a badger. The mouse is no doubt a country attorney (mus rusticus) at the apex of his career, who, having polished his rhetorical repertory in many other no less important cases, now makes his final pitch to the jury before it retires to deliberate; the rapt attention of the jurors readily lends itself to the veracity of this conception of your painting.

Is there a way to buy a copy of this painting?

Yvette said...

Certainly! You should send me an email for more details. Let me know about what size you'd like and whether or not you want me to frame it.