Monday, September 26, 2011

The Children's Authors Who Broke the Rules

From The New York Times, The Children's Authors Who Broke the Rules

The stylistic eccentricities of Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein and Theodor Geisel, a k a Dr. Seuss, are so much a part of the childhood vernacular today that it’s hard to imagine their books were once considered by some to be wholly inappropriate for children.

Yet these three authors — who each have a new book coming out this month in what can only be described as a Seussian coincidence (“But, see! We are as good as you. Look! Now we have new books, too!”) — challenged the conception of what a children’s book should be. And children’s literature, happily, has never been the same.

Judging by the reactions to Bumble-Ardy, some people STILL regard these books to be inappropriate for children!

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Cookie and Munster said...

My son loves Dr. Seuss anr Shel. has all the books. fo xmas he's getting the new Shel silverstian book. :)